A Guide to Buying and Styling Chesterfield Beds

Chesterfield design headboard

Chesterfield beds are relatively new, but the same cannot be said about the chesterfield design. The chesterfield design dates back to the 17th century, when it first emerged as atop-class design for sofas and upholstery.

The design evolved over the years but didn’t lose its touch. In fact, it made a strong comeback in the last decade, transcending into the bedroom furniture category. Today, chesterfield design is one of the most popular bed styles worldwide.

Read on to learn why a chesterfield bed may be the best choice for you and how to buy and style a chesterfield bed like a pro!

Chesterfield Beds: What’s the Hype About?

The chesterfield beds have taken the interior design world by storm. From top interior design magazine covers to interior design accounts on Instagram, chesterfield beds are everywhere. So, what makes these beds special and why should you consider buying them?

For one, chesterfield beds are all about aesthetics. They look great and add a touch of luxury. The buttoned headboard demands attention and is synonymous with classic good taste. It creates the perfect cosy, comforting, and inviting ambience that is ideal for relaxing.

The best part about chesterfield beds is that they can be integrated seamlessly into any kind of decor. Whether you are going for a classy, traditional look or want to create a luxurious contemporary vibe, chesterfield beds are the way to go about it!

How to Buy Chesterfield Beds

The bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom and transforms your space instantly. Hence, you need to choose the right one. Plus, picking the right bed means sound and peaceful sleep. Here are some factors you should consider to pick the perfect bed that is not only comfortable but also complements your bedroom and matches your style.

· Consider the Size

Pay close attention to scale and proportion. You don’t want a bed that’s too big or too small for your bedroom. A common mistake that people make while buying chesterfield beds is that they forget to consider the height of the headboard.

If the headboard is too high, it can make low-ceiling rooms look a bit cramped. So, make sure you take the height of the bed into account before buying a chesterfield bed.

· Decide on Storage Space

Are you low on storage space around the house? Then choose a chesterfield bed with built-in storage space. These beds are convenient and functional. The additional storage space is easy to access and perfect to keep your room organized and tidy at all times.

· Customize the Bed Frame

The headboard is the defining feature, which is why all chesterfield beds have chesterfield design headboards. Regardless, there’s still room for customization.

From the size and style of the buttons to the colour and fabric – you can customize your chesterfield bed to make sure it fits perfectly in your bedroom and goes well with your interior design. It is advisable to buy your chesterfield beds from a company that offers custom bed frames to make sure you get the perfect bed.

Styling Tips: How to Create Different Ambiances with Chesterfield Beds

Chesterfield design furniture is often associated with classical or traditional decor. However, the truth is that chesterfield beds are suitable for all kinds of bedrooms.

From luxurious suites to chic and stylish dorm rooms, these beds work everywhere. Scroll down to learn how to style your bed to create any look you want!

· Traditional and Luxurious

Classic, charming, and luxurious – chesterfield beds are characterized by these qualities. If you are going for the traditional and luxurious look, choose a dark neutral velvet or leather headboard. Think colours like black, grey, and brown. They will bring a grand and sophisticated feel to your interior.

To complement the serious tone of the headboard, opt for dark wood finish. Stick to an earthy colour pallet or a dark one.

· Chic and Contemporary

The trick to creating chic and contemporary interiors with chesterfield beds is to let your bed be the centre of attention. Opt for a chesterfield bed with sleek lines and clean finishes. Avoid wood accessories. Instead, include slender and contemporary glass and metal pieces.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t add colours to bring a cosy, homely feel. Use colourful rugs, abstract art paintings, or cushions to add colour to the room and create a visual balance. Indoor plants with refreshing green leaves also work to add a bit of colour while keeping the vibe chic and contemporary.

· Relaxed Bohemian Vibes

Bohemian style has a warm, rustic, and homely feel and is characterized by alack of structure. It is a laidback style with no hard and fast rules, which means you can mix and match different designs and textures to create the perfect look.

Believe it or not – chesterfield design beds fit right in with Bohemian decor. Opt for light, earthy, or neutral colours. Pair up with rattan and jute accessories. You can also go for rugs, wall decorations, and house plants to create a relaxed vibe.

The Bottom Line

Owing to their classic aesthetic appeal and versatility, Chesterfield beds are currently the most sought after style in the world. It goes well with all kinds of home decor and looks absolutely stunning in all settings. However, make sure you buy your chesterfield bed from a reliable company to ensure unmatched quality and durability.

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