4 Bedroom Accessories for Chesterfield Beds

chesterfield bed accessories

A master bedroom is the most important place in a house. If you are looking to decorate yours, you have landed at the right place! Your master bedroom deserves the best quality furniture and design elements for a modern yet sophisticated look.

Once you have your Chesterfield bed in place, you should start thinking about what else you can add to spruce up your bedroom space. There are tons of options out there in the market that make possibilities endless! But don’t panic; we are here to share a list of the best accessories for chesterfield beds that will make your bedroom look royal and elegant while adding a contemporary touch.

The Best Accessories for Chesterfield Beds

1. Ottoman Storage Box

Need a bedroom accessory that attracts attention AND solves all your storage problems? An Ottoman storage box is the ideal solution for you! If you share your room with another person or don’t have a lot of storage space due to room size, this Ottoman storage box can come in handy.

The Ottoman storage box is a hollow, fabric-padded box with metal legs. You can use it to store books, bedding, clothing, toys and absolutely anything else that won’t go in your wardrobe, chest of drawers or shelves. The storage box has a lid that serves as a seating stool, large enough for 2 people to sit comfortably, making it a beautiful footboard accessory.

We, at M.A Global Ltd., offer two types of Ottoman storage boxes. You can choose between a vertically-paneled storage box and a buttoned one. All our boxes have easy to open handles. All you need to do is choose a fabric and colour and leave the rest up to us!

2. Handmade Pouffe

A round, handmade pouffe is an excellent, compact addition to any bedroom. Whether you need an extra seating space by your couch or a small sitting stool for your reading corner by the window, this multi-purpose pouffe will be your best friend!

The pouffe is made intricately by padding chenille, crushed or plush velvet fabric with stuffing and adding buttons that give a subtle look to this gorgeous piece of décor.

At M.A Global, you can customize your handmade pouffe. Choose between velvet and chenille and pick a contrasting colour from the 32 options available that will make your pouffe stand out in your room!

3. Chesterfield Footstool

What are better accessories for chesterfield beds than chesterfield footstools? A chesterfield footstool is a low-rise, square-shaped platform stool with dainty metal legs that complement its shape and design.

A perfect addition next to your sofa or bed, this footstool is made by gently padding your choice of fabric and adding buttons on the top surface.

Place your order for a chesterfield footstool today at M.A Global. We have a variety of fabrics and colours for you to choose from.

4. Luxury Long Chesterfield Footstool

The luxury long chesterfield footstool is another must-have bedroom accessory to accompany your chesterfield bed.

A longer version of the square chesterfield footstool, this luxurious piece of furniture is great for two or more individuals that share the same bedroom space.

Place the footstool in front of the sofa in your bedroom or just position it by your chesterfield bed. Order it from M.A Global today in your choice of colour and fabric, and watch your space transform instantly!

5 Things to Consider When Buying Bedroom Accessories

When buying accessories for chesterfield beds, you need to mindful of a couple of things that could make or break your bedroom’s look. While decorating a bedroom with accessories seems like the perfect personal getaway, it’s not always the easiest task.

Here are some things you must keep in mind before choosing, combining and decorating your room with accessories to pull it together like a pro:

1. Understand Size Limits

The first thing you must do before buying an accessory for a specific space in your bedroom is to measure the size of the space. You should consider the height, width and length and identify an approximate size. Write the measurements down on a sheet of paper or a phone and always travel with it when you go shopping!

2. Choose Meaningful Pieces

Try to add bedroom accessories that hold some meaning. There are too many pretty things out there. You can’t possibly buy everything you set your eyes on. Pick out accessories that tell a story about you, your travels, the important people around you or just reflect your personality.

3. Don’t Cause a Dent in Your Pocket

There is absolutely no need for you to splurge on home décor items and bedroom accessories because you can find them in many places at affordable rates. M.A Global is the best place to shop for stunning bedroom accessories starting as low as £99.00!

4. Choose Contrasting Colours

When buying accessories for chesterfield beds, you must pay attention to the colour scheme. If your bed, side tables, dresser and other pieces in your room follow a single colour scheme, your bedroom accessory must stand out. Don’t go for a grey pouffe or footstool if your bed or sofa is grey too. Go for a contrasting colour like burgundy or turquoise. You want your accessory to be the centre of attention in your room.

5. Consider Multi-Purpose Accessories

If your space is smaller and will look cramped if you add in an accessory, work your way around a solution by getting a multi-purpose accessory. An Ottoman storage box, for example, is not only a contemporary piece of décor but can also house many of your items, eliminating the need for a chest of drawers!

M.A Global Ltd. Houses a Variety of Bedroom Accessories for All Your Needs!

M.A Global Ltd. is a furniture and bedding company in the UK that provides custom-made bed frames, bedroom accessories, storage options and mattresses. Our services include fast delivery, bed assembly and removal and recycling. We also offer massive discounts for large orders and old-age pensioners. Call us at 07710793859 today for expert advice so we can help you select amongst the best accessories for chesterfield beds for your bedroom.

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