How to Introduce Colours to Your Bedroom

Add colour to bedroom

There is no doubt that relaxing, zen-like places in the house must have calming and neutral décor and furniture. However, many people are unaware of the fact that bold colours can have just as much of a soothing effect on our minds and bodies.

Admit it: we all could use a bit of colour in our life. So if you are bored of the same neutral hues, why not add colour to bedroom in a chic yet subtle way?

In this blog, we will give you some easy ideas on how to introduce colours to your bedroom to match your personality while staying in style! Happy reading!

10 Insanely Easy Ways to Add a Pop of Colour to Your Bedroom

1. Add Patterned Rugs

If your room has neutral walls, furniture, drapes, and décor, why not add an accent rug for a bit of colour? Patterned rugs in bright colours are a great way to dress up your bare space. They can be an exciting addition to your room if you have empty floor space. A large patterned rug can even serve as the focal point for your room. Don’t be afraid to choose one with vibrant hues and fun patterns that define who you are!

2. Paint Your Walls

Painting the walls is another excellent way to add colour to the bedroom. If you have your own home or your landlord has no reservations, painting walls is one of the easiest ways to bring out the tones of other neutral pieces in your room. Choose a colour according to the vibe you wish to create. Warm colours brown, maroon, and orange evoke cosiness, whereas bright colours like blue and yellow are fun and look fabulous in daylight. If you are feeling extra creative, you can even paint stripes or flowers on your walls; let your imagination go wild!

3. Place Vibrant Throw Pillows

Neutral bedding with colourful throw pillows will never go out of style. You can successfully create a whole new look by pairing colour-coordinated, vibrant pillows in numerous shapes and sizes to enhance your bedroom’s colour palette. Whenever you get bored, you can easily add new covers to your pillows for a whole new look!

4. Add Colour with Curtains

Not many of us pay attention to curtains and drapes because choosing between different fabrics and designs can be a complicated process. However, to add a whole new element to your bedroom, you should consider adding curtains with unique patterns and hues. Trust us; the perfect set will truly transform your room and add a beautiful accent to your windows.

5. Alter the Main Attraction

Sometimes, the easiest way to introduce colours to your bedroom is to replace the main attraction: your bed. Modern bedrooms now have contemporary bed frames made from padded fabrics in several different styles. At M.A. Global, you can choose from 5 different types of fabric bed frames, each available in 32 different colours! You can choose between velvet, chenille, and plush velvet and add the design elements of your choice (buttons, diamonds, stripes, etc.) to give your room a complete makeover! Let your bed steal the spotlight and shine amongst other neutral elements in your room.

6. Invest in Plants and Flowers

There is nothing more colourful on Earth than nature. Adding pieces from the great outdoors to your cosy space is one of the most versatile ways to add a touch of colour to your bedroom. A large vase of vibrant flowers on your windowsill or a plant in your reading corner will not only add life but an organic element to your bedroom. The best part about plants and flowers is that you can always change them to switch colours on a regular basis.

7. Add Colourful Storage Pieces

Nothing says, “What a bright and lovely space!” more than a colourful Ottoman storage box in a corner or a brightly painted shelf in a neutral bedroom. You can add colourful storage pieces like cabinets, shelves, chest of drawers, and storage boxes to add colour to bedroom if it has a neutral vibe. Doing so will instantly change the tone of your room. Check out the fabric-padded Ottoman storage box from M.A Global available in 32 striking colours only for £99.00!

8. Choose Bright Accessories

Have you thought about adding colourful art to your wall? Or adding colourful accent lamps to your side table?

A collection of a few colourful art pieces, posters, or photographs can add some dimension to your room. Nothing is more telling about your personality than what you hang on your walls, so hanging your favourite art pieces is also a great way to add your personal touch to your room.

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any bedroom. It can make or break the entire look of the room. An ambient lamp with the right dose of colour is a great way to change the overall look of your neutral space.

9. Add a Statement Piece

A single, inundated piece of furniture that stands out amongst all other pieces and makes a bold statement is a great way to introduce colours to your bedroom. Nothing strikes the eye better than a brightly-coloured armchair, a painted chest of drawers, or a vibrant pouffe. M.A Global offers handmade fabric pouffes in 32 different colours. Visit their website to buy yours today!

10. Paint Doors

Last but not least, try painting your doors if nothing else works. Choose a colour that goes well with your bedroom’s theme and paint the main door of your bedroom, the washroom, and the doors of your wardrobe. We recommend contrasting hues teal and orange that will make your doors pop out.

M.A Global Ltd. Offers Colourful Custom Solutions!

M.A Global Ltd. is here to help you introduce colours to your bedroom through carefully-curated, one-of-a-kind bed frames, storage pieces, and statement accessories available in a variety of colours and fabrics. Visit our website to place your order today or call us at 07710793859 for a free consultation!

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